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Hi there, I'm new, and I'm wondering how I can put together two stats so an event can occur. I understand the use of true statements and the points system, but I don't know how to put them together. For example, the 10 STR and 10 DEX that is required to make an event happen, how do I code that together?


(if: $STR >= 75 & $DEX >= 60)[\
I did it!]
(else-if: $STR >= 20 & $DEX >= 20)[\
Good job!]

Is it possible to do it like this?

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You want to use the logical and operator.  For example:

(if: $STR >= 75 and $DEX >= 60)[\
I did it!]
(else-if: $STR >= 20 and $DEX >= 20)[\
Good job!]

See the Boolean data section of Harlowe's manual for more details.

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