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How do I publish my story?

I know this sounds a blindingly obvious question, but...

Clicking 'publish to file' opens a page of text, rather than sending a file to my downloads folder (which seems to be what's meant to happen, from what I've read in other question threads).

I'm desperately trying to get a story published so that others can play it for a 5pm deadline today (had no idea I'd have such difficulty doing it) - can anyone help?

How do I get a file/make one from the text on the webpage/generally make everything work?


  • It sounds like you're using Safari. There's a tech limitation to that particular browser that prevents saving a file directly-- but all you need to do to work around it is do File > Save on the page that opens and call it something like Story.html.
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    My guess is you're using a Mac OS browser. It'll work in other browsers properly if you use them to open that file.

    Otherwise, go to file and save as in html.

    See this topic for more info:
  • A bit off-topic here, but I was just thinking about how cool it would be to integrate simple FTP functionality so that stories could be published to a server directory... Similarly, an APP for connecting and publishing to other online Twine hosting services would be pretty amazing.

    Anyway, just dreaming out loud. ;)
  • This does not work, because

    1. Safari will not allow me to save as .html, insists on webarchive.
    2. Other browsers, and twine app, will not import webarchive, saying "no stories were found in this file."
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    In that case don't use Safari in the first place.
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