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Sugarcube macros help

Hi, I'm trying to use the audio macro for Sugarcube. As far as I know, the macros are built into the format.

As per the Macros page, I put:
<<cacheaudio "alarm" "media/audio/alarm.mp3">>
into the StoryInit passage. However, upon launching the build to test, I get this error:
JavaScript Alert
Apologies! A technical problem has occured. You may be able to continue, but some parts may not work properly.
Error [StoryInit]: macro <<cacheaudio>> does not exist.
I have no idea why it's not working, any help would be appreciated! I thought the macros could just be inserted and used, but I must be missing something...


  • edited May 2015
  • All I see is a period for your answer text
  • What version of SugarCube are you using?
  • I was using an older version, but I upgraded to the newest version tonight (1.0.21). Same error occurred with both versions of Sugarcube
  • What version is being reported in the UI bar?
  • Yeah... sorry about that. I had something up there, but then I realized my advice was on the wrong track. This version of forum software doesn't have a delete, that I could see... so I modified it rather than steer you in the wrong direction.

    Anyway you have the creator himself helping you now, so.. you are in MUCH more capable hands.

  • Also, what browser (and version) are you using?
  • I checked the sidebar, and it still indicated the older version (hadn't noticed before because text was same colour as UI bar). I found the problem: I hadn't inserted the new Sugarcube folder in the right place. Just got a sound effect to work in my project. It's awesome and can't wait to implement the rest! Thanks for the help in figuring out my mistake
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