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A very short and silly game about hot werewolves...

I made this earlier this year as an effort to get back into Twine. it's really silly and quite short, but you know, maybe it's fun? My friends seemed to like it. :D It's about werewolves and was mainly an excuse for me to draw stuff.

In retrospect the font is way too small, but it's too old for me to go back and change that now so you might have to squint a little. There's 2 endings.


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    Wow, yeah, that text is small! Also, did you mean for much of it to be one word per line?
  • Screenshot.
  • Huh. doesn't look like that to me. Oh dear.
  • MvplkLz.png

    Screenshot from my end.
  • From my end (Chrome, latest version; Mac OS X, the version just before Yosemite ... kinda messed everything up) it looks like Quenen's screenshot.

    Yay weird browser bugs
  • Hmmm… Just tested it across several browsers (OS X) and this seems to be a Safari-only bug.
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    A 10px font size is really, really small.... especially on desktop screens with widths of 1920 and above

    Could I suggest maybe using CSS media queries to set different font sizes for different screen resolutions.

    Other than that I am enjoying the story and like the images.
  • Pretty cool, and cute game.
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