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Twine Games for Illustrators.

Hi everyone!

I'm at the beginning stages of putting together a workshop to teach the basics of Twine to a group of illustration students, I'm really exited by the potential Twine has as a medium for illustrated works (there is a huge amount of experimentation going on within the picture book format at the moment, but it's always restrained by production costs which Twine would free artists from), so an important part of this workshop will be showing students what others have done with the tool.

Can anyone here suggest some well illustrated Twine games?

I've already included Tiny Tarot (minimal, but I feel uses its art well) and Secret Agent Cinder (wonderful work) but these are just two games and obviously the more varied the selection the better :)

Aside from this, if any of you guys have run workshops in Twine before and have any tips for me this would obviously be appreciated also.




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