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Longer transition?

I know how to do a (transition:) on Harlowe, but i saw on this site ( that the (transition-time:) macro can make a longer transition; it's what i want.
But when i try this macro, Twine 2 says "it doesn't exist"!
What do i have to do? What is the correct macro?


  • Up please!
  • According to the Harlowe project's source code repository the (transition-time:) macro is currently only available in the yet unreleased 2.0.0-pre version of Harlowe.

    I am guessing that it has been incorrectly included in the documentation of the current version of Harlowe which is 1.2.1
  • Is there any macro which do the same thing?
  • I believe the simple answer is No.

    As explained in the Dissolve as standard transition on stylesheet (Harlowe) and [Harlowe] Passage Transition? threads, currently the animation delays of all the different transitions are controlled by Harlowe's built-in CSS.

    You can use your web-browser's Inspect Element or Developer Tools features to see the relevant CSS by using passage code like the following:
    ''Use Inspect Element on each of the following to view the relevant CSS:''
    <span class="transition-in">View CSS for selector .transition-in</span>
    <span class="transition-out">View CSS for selector .transition-out</span>
    <span class="transition-in" data-t8n="dissolve">View CSS for selector .transition-in[data-t8n^=dissolve]</span>
    <span class="transition-in" data-t8n="shudder">View CSS for selector .transition-in[data-t8n^=shudder]</span>
    <span class="transition-in" data-t8n="pulse">View CSS for selector .transition-in[data-t8n^=pulse]</span>

    You can add CSS to your story's Story Stylesheet to override the Harlowe default delays but doing so will effect the whole story not just sections, and depending on what you override could effect how the Harlowe engine works because it uses some of the transition types (like dissolve) internally.

    You may also be able to use Javascript to temporarily override the relevant CSS selectors for sections of your story but this not a simple process.
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