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Hi! Since you all helped me a lot last time I'm asking again.
(Using SugarCube 1.0.34 )
I want to let players choose their pronouns for the game (he/she/they). They're not going to be used much, just when other characters refer to them, and even then they're going to talk about the main character by a gender neutral title (similar to Dragon Age's "the Warden" or "the Herald").

I'm sadly not very good with code/CSS and while I've been looking at guides and rying around this just keeps refusing to work.

I had a look at which is kind of what I want to do. The part under :: pronoun stuff [script] would go into the Story JavaScript, right? Just that or is it assuming somethign else should be there? Because if just adding that to the JavaScript should work, then... it's not really working for me.

I also found which is incredibly comprehensive but probably far too complicated for me, and again, I only really need the pronouns, not titles or custom names (though I'm saving it for other projects!).

It's probably much easier than it's looking now to me I know.

Thank you so much for your patience with me!


  • I've done something similar and I just use variables to set the pronouns, which is set as the player creates their character. Set the values at the character creation point where you decide gender and you're good to go. If you're using SugarCube you can simply use the naked variables as well (so instead of <<print $pronoun>> you can just use $pronoun ).

    As you've said, they're not going to be used much, so adding some Javascript seems like overkill when you can just set it as a variable and be done with it.
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    My first inclination is to say, use a widget (one of its examples is a pronoun widget).

    Alternatively, however, you could also simply use a $variable, especially if this is going to be a rarely used title. For example:
    /* Set it someplace. */
    <<set $pcTitle to "Chosen One">>
    /* Using it. */
    Look!  It's the $pcTitle!
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