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Color Specific Text? [Snowman 1.2]

edited January 2016 in Help! with 2.0
Heyo! I'd like to learn how to color specific text; dialogue, character names, places, etc.

I know this question may be trivial, but I would very much appreciate any help offered!

Edit: Would it be possible to reveal color when the player hovers their mouse over it?


  • The Snowman 2 overview has a number of examples on how to create a div element with an id and/or CSS class name.
    This appears onscreen.
    This appears onscreen.
    This appears onscreen.
    ... once you have done that you can use CSS rules in your Story Stylesheet to style those div elements.

    1. Add the following to your passage
    John says: [Whats a nice girl like you doing here?]{.john}
    Jane says: [Who says I', a nice girl?]{.jane}
    2. Add the following CSS to the Story Stylesheet area
    .john {color: brown;}
    .jane {color: green;}
  • Thank you, greyelf. How can I code for specific colors? Hex code and RGB aren't working.

    And would it be possible to hide color from text until the mouse hovers over it?
  • You can use any valid CSS within the Story Stylesheet area, so you can use the :hover pseudo-class when defining a CSS selector if you want that rule to be applied only when the mouse cursor is over the associated div element.

    The following CSS rule uses a hexadecimal colour and will cause Jane's statement to change when the mouse cursor is over it.
    .jane:hover {color: #FF69B4;}
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