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Double Paneled Layout?

Hello guys, newbie here! I was wondering how I could achieve this style of layout here:

Where you can essentially tell two stories at the same time. I'm doing a game with differing perspectives and wanted to tinker with it.

Also, can anyone give me a rundown on how it works? How do you write for say, only the right side or only the left and so on?


  • The Andrea Corbin example you linked to used one of the story formats that supports Author created custom macros.

    Andrea created macros to handle things like:
    a. Creating a panel to show a single side of the content. (there are two of these panels on the screen)
    b. Updating the contents of a single panel
    c. Created a special markup link that only updated the contents of a single panel.
    d. Created a special markup link that updated contents of both panels.

    If you want to tinker around with something similar then I suggest contacting Andrea and asking them if you can use a copy of their source code as a starting point, it would make your life easier.
  • Thanks Greyelf. I was able to contact the author, who redirected me to a link in this very forum with source code and helpful details. Linking here for anyone who also needs a multi-panel layout for their game!
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