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Playtesters needed (5- to 10-minutes of your time)...

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Hi everyone,

Some of you may have played my Twine game called Three Dragons, which features a real-time combat system. Admittedly, the system was my first attempt and still needs a lot of refinement.

That being said, I'm currently testing a small prototype of a new system in an attempt to support an MFA thesis that I'm working on:

I would love to grab 5- to 10-minutes of your time to play through two versions of the prototype and take a short survey.

Prototype URL:

This is the first of two playtests that deal with real-time mechanics in IF games. The second is going to be much more complex and deals a non-combat style mechanic. (More to come!)

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!


  • I've had a play and done the survey. I really like where you're heading with this. The real time system I had fun with, and think it has a lot of potential to add an element of gameplay that some people think might be missing from an IF game.
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    Thank you! I appreciate it.

    I know that this sort of prototype lacks depth and a little bit of meaningful feedback -- that would have to change in an actual game. But I also feel like it's good enough to prove a point (well, hopefully!).

    I'd love to get more feedback from the awesome crowd here. ;)

  • I'm going to comment here one last time in the hopes that a few more people participate in this playtest.

    It really does only take a few minutes.

    Thank you!
  • hm... usually I like turn-based combat better, but I liked the real time one better here. It felt a little like playing Sorcery! from Steve Jackson Games-- but maybe just because the combat system is very, very simple. I like the simplicity, btw, and how intuitive the real time system becomes after just a few rounds. I think I did more damage to the enemy in the real time combat, too.
  • Thanks! I could have used your help when the survey was still going. ;)

    I appreciate the comments!

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