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I want the readers to choose a number from a long list. Putting all of them as standard links would be tedious and annoying for the readers. So is there a way to create a dropdown list? That would be much cleaner.

I'm using Harlowe 1.2.4 as my story format.

If there are any other ways this can be done, I welcome those as well. Basically, my story involves users accessing a database of files. The readers would input a number and that would take them to the corresponding file wiz. the corresponding passage.


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Are you new to twine and if so have you heard of the (link:) macro?
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It is difficult enough to not be worth it in most cases to add new input styles to Harlowe. It is possible, but it requires some hacking and abuse. You're far better off upgrading to Harlowe 2 and using a for loop and links if at all possible. You really shouldn't be using an old version anyway, unless you have no choice, for example because the game is basically finished or you can't get it running in v2.x.