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When running a passage in Test Mode in Twine 2 (Mac OS - Harlowe Story Format), is there a way to hide or minimize the window in the bottom right corner of the passage?  The window shows the running list of variables and the "Debug Mode" button.

It is very useful, but when I try to test the window size as a half-desktop-screen (approx the screen size of an iPad in portrait mode) it covers text in the passage.  It's not there when I "play", but I don't want to play through the whole game to get to this one page to test it.

Any ideas?


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Please state the name and full version number of the Story Format you are using, as answers can be vary for each one. Because you didn't state the version (or even the series 1.x or 2.x) I needed to test your issue using both v1.2.3 and v2.0.1 of Harlowe.

Are you sure you are using the Play option and not the Test option to run your story?

I used the Play option of Twine v2.1.3 and no "Debug Mode" option appeared while running the story, although that option does appear if the Test option is used instead.

P.S. You can used the Developer Tools of your web-browser to alter what is currently being shown on any web-page, how you actually do this depends on the brand of your web-browser and the brand of your operating system.

On Windows using Chrome it is as simple as placing your mouse cursor over the visual item you want to effect, then use the Right Mouse Button to open the context menu and selecting the Inspect option. Within the Elements panel place your mouse cursor over the <tw-debugger> element, then use RMB to open then context menu and select the Hide element option.

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tw-debugger {
	display: none;

in the story style sheet works for me in twine 2.1.3 with harlowe 2.0.1

While I've tested it on several stories written in harlowe and it has worked for all of them (so far), I'm not certain if it will work for everyone or if it's a coincidence for me. It didn't start working until recently.

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Brilliant.  Thank you wyrde!  Works flawlessly.