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I have only one reason for using online version instead of offline: too small font. Can I increase scale of offline Twine?

Ctrl + mouse wheel doesn't work.

I tried to use style="transform: scale(1.5)" for code of page but it works strange.

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When you say "offline Twine" do you mean:

1. The downloadable release of the web-browser based Twine 2 application?
eg. The one you still need to use a web-browser to run the Twine 2 application.

2. The install-able release of the executable based Twine 2 application? 

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I couldn't use web-browser based application. How I understood I need server for this (and it's complicated for me).

So I use executable based Twine 2.1.3
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How I understood I need server for this

No, the web-browser release is a standard HTML web-application, it can be either hosted on a web-server or run locally like most other HTML files can.

The ZIP files without a operating system abbreviation in their file-names found on the project's Downloads page are a local run-able copy of the release hosted on the Twine website. This is how I generally run Twine 2 when I am either testing other people code or designing solutions to questions, as I don't like the screen size and font size issues of the install-able release.

Can I increase scale of offline Twine?

I don't know of either a reliable method or a persist-able method of changing the scale of the install-able release, short of modifying the application's original source code and re-building my own personal version of the application.
Maybe someone more experienced with nw.js (node-webkit) based applications will have a solution for you. 

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Thank you very much. Local version works well without web-server and I updated SugarCube and have normal scale.
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WARNING: for anyone using one of the web-browser based releases. (hosted or local)

Remember to use either the Archive option (for all story projects) or the Publish to File option (for individual story projects) to backup your story projects regularly.

Because any activity that causes the web-browser's cache to be flushed may result in the lost of all your story projects.