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 Hi guys.

I'm trying to do a simple onclick "disable" a button, but I can't seem to get it to work.  I've styled the button with a custom class "spell_button" and had hoped to target it with simple javascript to disable it once it has been clicked.

<span id="Test" class="spell_button"><<button "Test">>
	    document.getElementById("Test").disabled = true;

Any idea where I went wrong? :(

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The button doesn't have an id of test, the span you wrapped it in does. You need to target the button element itself: 

@@#test;<<button "test">>
    <<run $("#test button").prop("disabled", true)>>

You can use jQuery, it's included in SugarCube. 

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Ah.... thanks.  Works like a charm.  I'm not too well versed in Jquery, but i'll look it up.
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