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Let's say I have a link for a "cookie" that when you click it, it says "you pick up a cookie!", I want it to also say at the bottom or at the top of the screen (or somewhere unrelated) "+1 food item!".
I tried it with the click command, but it only seems to affect a single occurence at a time.


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  • You need to indicate the name and full version number of the story format you are using, as answers can be different for each one. I will assume you are using the default version of Harlowe which is currently v1.2.4.
  • I would suggest using the question tags to indicate which Twine application and story format you are using instead of adding that information to the question's title.
    eg. twine2 twine2-1-3 harlowe harlowe1-2-4 

You can use the (replace:) macro combined with a named hook to output text at a predetermined location, and you can do that with the associated hook of a (link:) macro like so:

(link: "cookie")[you pick up a cookie!(replace: ?events)[+1 food item!]]


... and placing the above named hook within either a header tagged Passage or a footer tagged Passage will cause that output to appear at the start or end of the content of the current Passage being shown.

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Sorry for not following the rules, will make sure of it next time.

Your answer is great! Thanks a bunch :)