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I was wondering if there is a possibility to simply change passages without having to rely on the player clicking a designated link? A rough example - 

<<timed 5s transition>>

You glance around your shoulders and see nothing. <</timed>>

<<timed 10s transition>>

*Change passage*


If that was a dumb question, and there isn't anything supporting that idea, I've opted to using...


<span id="wake">

Something something something.</span>\ 

<<timed 60.5s>> <<replace "#wake">> Something else. <</replace>> <</timed>>


As a way to make it appear as if the passage changed. However my problem here is I'm unclear if it's possible to change the background image located in my CSS stylesheet, while in the same passage over time?


body[data-tags~="Colors"] {
 background-image: url("https://i.pinimg.com/originals/14/99/f3/1499f3f5d02e7d0f875937c95fcc86ff.png");
background-repeat: no repeat;
background-attachment: fixed;
background-size: 100%, 100%


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You need to use the <<goto>> macro in this case.

Both of the following examples show the "glance" text after five seconds and automatically navigate to the specified passage after thirty seconds.


Using a single <<timed>>

Pay attention to the argument specified to <<next>>, it's 25s (30s minus the 5s of the first section).

<<timed 5s t8n>>
You glance around your shoulders and see nothing.
<<next 25s>>
\<<goto "Another passage">>


Using two <<timed>>

<<timed 30s>><<goto "Another passage">><</timed>>
\<<timed 5s t8n>>
You glance around your shoulders and see nothing.