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I have lots of characters, and I want the player to be able to remember them. Right now I am using click-replace to do this:

(if: $allowHints is true)[(click-replace: "Tom")[Tom, the blacksmith,] ]

This is working fine except that if you click on Tom *once*, then *all* the instances of Tom change to include the hint. I want people to be able to click each time, that is, they will see the hint only when they want/need to. Is there a way to do this?

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If I understand what you want, you want all Tom's to be clickable, but each should be clickable on its own and without affecting the others?

If so, try the following:

(if: $allowHints)[(replace: "Tom")[(link-replace: "Tom")[Tom, the blacksmith,]]]

That will replace each instance of the word "Tom" with a separate link.  Each link's text is "Tom", which is replaced with "Tom, the blacksmith," upon being clicked.

NOTE: You do not need to compare a boolean value to one of the boolean literals.  Conditional expressions ultimately resolve to a boolean value, so if your variable contains a boolean value, you may simply use it as-is in the conditional.

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Thanks, this works great! And nice to know I can simplify the (if:)s as well.
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