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Hi again,

I'm having some trouble with my (replace:)s. In some instances, they are working just fine. In others, they seem to be eating up a space here and there. Let me give an example. In my header-tagged passage, I have this:

(replace: "important term ")[(link-replace: "important term ")[explanation of important term ] ]

Sometimes this works beautifully! But sometimes I get output like this:

What I want:

You must understand this important term.

What I get:

You must understand thisimportant term.

I have quite a few (if:) macros happening in the header. Could this be affecting how the passage is rendered? Any other ideas? 

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It's probably not the header. Can you show us the surrounding passage content / code. I'm having a little trouble figuring out exactly how the example here fits in.
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I think I fixed it. The code is really long and specific, but basically I think I was repeating the macro (that is, several instances of a macro targetted the same words) and the repetition caused the spaces to get eaten... I seem to have solved it, though. Thank you!