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Currently using twine 2.2.1. I just did a tremendous amount of work on my story today, but when I closed and returned to the story after about 30 minutes, the story had deleted itself.


I had already clicked home to return to the menu before closing. I genuinely don't understand why it's deleted itself, as I now have to import a backup, and I'm honestly insanely demotivated to even continue my story now. Is this a problem with the current version of twine? What can I do about it?

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Which operating system (brand, version, edition, 32/64bit) are you using?

Which release (desktop application based or web-browser based) of Twine 2.x are you using.

If web-browser based then which web-browser (brand, version, 32/64bit) are you using?
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I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit.


I'm using the Desktop version of the client. Current version is 2.2.1, I'm assuming 64 bit.
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If you're using the online version of Twine (the one you use through your web browser) then if you have a cookie cleaner or you have your browser set to clear local storage, then that's what wiped it out.  I'd recommend using the offline version of Twine (the one you download and install so you can run locally) to avoid that if you can.

If that isn't the issue, then you'll need to answer greyelf's questions so we can figure out what else could be happening.