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I am trying to figure out an issue with Twine 2 / Sugarcube 2 that I have been having.  I'm pretty sure it's not the author's fault, so I'm going here instead!

My problem is that the "Save to Disk..." "Load from Disk..." button is unavailable on some platforms - specifically android.  I've tried three different browsers and even tried converting it to an APK.  The buttons are available on the PC (used Firefox and IE) so it isn't the file or that they aren't using Sugarcube.

I did notice that no matter which format I used, the sidebar defaulted to minimized Android which isn't the case for PC viewing, so it might be related to some kind of internal check as the program is opening?

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The disk functionality has various requirements, one of which is that the browser being used must support both saving and loading arbitrary files to/from disk via the normal browser mechanisms.  Traditionally, on mobile devices that has not been the case and there's been no good way to test for it, thus the functionality is blanket disabled in mobile device browsers.


RE the minimized UI bar:  That's probably due to the viewport dimensions.  By default, if the viewport is ≤800px at startup, then the UI bar starts minimized.  If you had a large enough device, say a tablet, then you'd see the same behavior as on desktops.  There are other viewport dimension dependant behaviors as well.

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Admitedly, you do have to give programs on Android specific permission to access files/storage - but it seems strange to default to worse case scenario. I'd rather have the button there and not work vs. having no way to even try.

Well, if there isn't currently a work-around (is there one using PhoneGap or some other means?), I guess I'll see what I can do in the related githubs... which is where I realized the author of Sugarcube was answering the question :)  Need any help? XD