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I don't know any code for that.Can anyone help me?

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It's hard to give you advice without knowing how your code for characters is set up.  If you post your existing code we will be able to help you more easily.
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I don't even know the code
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Okay, I'll help you work this out.  What character are you talking about?
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A high school kid.He has a skinny body and his chance of getting sick is quite high.But as he started working out i want the chance to be lower
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Okay, here's how I'd do this!  First I'd create an object to represent the character.

<<set $skinnyHighSchoolKid to {}>>

Next I'd give him a variable that tracked his strength from 1 (low) to 10 (high).  He'd start at 1.

<<set $skinnyHighSchoolKid.strength to 1>>

When he worked out, I'd increase his strength by 1, allowing it to get to a maximum of 10.

<<set $skinnyHighSchoolKid.strength += 1>>
<<if $skinnyHighSchoolKid.strength gt 10>>
  <<set $skinnyHighSchoolKid.strength to 10>>

Each time I wanted to check if the character got sick, I'd create a random number from 1-10, and if the number were higher than his strength, I would set a new variable that made him sick.

<<set _sicknessChance to random(1,10)>>
<<if _sicknessChance gt $skinnyHighSchoolKid.strength>>
  <<set $skinnyHighSchoolKid.sick to true>>

Finally I'd use <<if>> statements to make the sickness have an effect in the game.

Amanda invites you to the beach to play volleyball.

<<if $skinnyHighSchoolKid.sick>>
  But you're too sick to go, so you [[stay home]] instead.
  You can [[go to the beach with Amanda]] or [[stay home]].

To recover from his sickness, we'd just change the variable.

<<set $skinnyHighSchoolKid.sick to false>>  You're feeling better now.