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I just asked a question asking how to change the color of a normal word, but what about links?

Is it even possible? I don't want to change them all, just one.
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Ideally it should be as easy as using the (text-colour:) / (colour:) macro to change the colour of a (link:) macro like so...

(color: red + white)[
	(link: "Wyannie Malone Historical Museum")[
		(go-to: "Next")

... however Harlowe 2.x applies default CSS like the following directly to it's links...

tw-link, .enchantment-link {
	color: #4169E1;
	font-weight: bold;
	text-decoration: none;
	transition: color 0.2s ease-in-out;

...which interferes with how the (text-colour:) macro applies it's colour.

You can get around this issue by adding CSS like the following to your project's Story Stylesheet area, it forces the (link:) macro used in my first example to inherit the colour supplied in the related (colour:) macro and should only effect (link:) macros that are within the said (colour:) macro.

tw-expression[name="color"] + tw-hook tw-link {
	color: inherit;


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You're the best man :)
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This isn't working for mine. I copy-pasted the CSS to my stylesheet, but this...

$Co1[(link: "Commander")[(set: $Sect_1 to 1)(goto: "About the Sects")]]
$Co2[(link: "Analyst")[(set: $Sect_1 to 2)(goto: "About the Sects")]]
$Co3[(link: "Medic")[(set: $Sect_1 to 3)(goto: "About the Sects")]]
$Co4[(link: "Communicator")[(set: $Sect_1 to 4)(goto: "About the Sects")]]
$Co5[(link: "Navigator")[(set: $Sect_1 to 5)(goto: "About the Sects")]]
$Co6[(link: "Technician")[(set: $Sect_1 to 6)(goto: "About the Sects")]]
$Co7[(link: "Scout")[(set: $Sect_1 to 7)(goto: "About the Sects")]]
$Co8[(link: "Researcher")[(set: $Sect_1 to 8)(goto: "About the Sects")]]
$Co9[(link: "Engineer")[(set: $Sect_1 to 9)(goto: "About the Sects")]]
$Co10[(link: "Soldier")[(set: $Sect_1 to 10)(goto: "About the Sects")]]

...is still producing the default blue links. And yes, all of my $Co# variables are (set:) and working; not only are they showing the appropriate colors in any text passages, but when I click the Debug View button when testing, the [[brackets]] that show up around each link are the appropriate color for each Sect.

I didn't have this problem with the last version I did of this particular project, but that was because I was using (click:) macros instead of (link:) macros. :(


(...please don't make me have to make a duplicate thread for this when logically this one should be fine...)

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Oh....god, I'm not sure what to do sorry.
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