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This one is similar to this question, but it's a little different. Basically, in my story the player gets to explore and can visit four different places. If they have finished visiting all four places, I want to automatically direct them into another passage called Home, which is the ending. Is it possible to do that? I do know that I can use an if statement and then a (go to:) macro, but I have no idea what to put in that if statement.

Sorry if I ask too many questions, I am still pretty new to Twine.

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There are a number of ways you can do this, two of them being:

1. Use 4 story variables (one per place) to track if the Reader has visited a particular Passage yet.

1a. Initialise each of the 4 story variables within your story's startup tagged special Passage.

(set: $visitedPassageA to false)
(set: $visitedPassageB to false)
(set: $visitedPassageC to false)
(set: $visitedPassageD to false)

1b. When the Reader views the Passage named "Passage A" then update the $visitedPassageA variable, the same for the other passages and variables.

(set: $visitedPassageA to true)

1c. Use and (if:) macro like the following to determine if all the relevant variables are equal to true

(if: $visitedPassageA and $visitedPassageB and $visitedPassageC and $visitedPassageD)[
	(goto: "Other Passage")


2. Check the array returned by the (history:) macro to determine if it contains the Passage Name of all 4 places.

(set: _visited to (history:))

(if: _visited contains "Passage A" and _visited contains "Passage B" and _visited contains "Passage C" and _visited contains "Passage D")[
	(goto: "Other Passage")

The array return by the (history:) macro grows in length for each and every passage visited, so it can contain the same passage name more than once. Searching though the whole array multiple times for 4 passage names is not an efficient process, the variable based solution has it's own issues because those variables will be stored/saved with each moment within the History sub-system.

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I've been trying to do what you said, but I'm kind of confused about what you meant by "tracking if the reader has visited a passage yet". Did you mean inserting a code that tracks the readers' progress, or something else? I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to coding, so I apologize if my question is a bit stupid/ignorant.
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