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Alright... So I have stumbled upon another issue.

So, I have a InitializationPassage with the startup tag where I register all my variables, but I have noticed something just now and I don't understand why this happens.

The two variables that matter in this scenario are the following:

(set: $level to 0)

(set: $hitpoints to $level * 8)

Now, in the startup passage I modified level to be 1 (also with set) and had a print below it for the hitpoints. The hitpoints stayed at 0.

Once I changed the level variable manually in the startup passage, the hitpoints were displayed correctly, but that sadly doesn't help me much.

What am I missing? Any way to make this work?

Thank you.

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If you're expecting the $hitpoints variable to dynamically monitor and adjust to the changing value of $level, that won't happen. The value of $level was 0 when the second set was called, and 0 * 8 is 0. The $hitpoints variable therefore contains the number 0, and will continue to be 0 until you change its value with another set macro.
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