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I can see the story in editor mode, and when I click into the individual text boxes they appear to have content and are properly linked. However when I attempt to Test or Play the story, either from editor mode or the saved file, the dialogue box appears blank.

UPDATED Additional Info: I am unable to Publish affected stories to File. I'm thinking this may be more common and something people have more experience with. Affected stories were all copies from an original. The original still plays without difficulty. None of the stories have the same title or file name. I attempted to change the story format as a troubleshoot and was unsuccessful.

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Try the following.  For the affected stories, change their selected story format to a different one (any will do), back out to the story library view, and finally reopen the story and change its selected story format back to what its supposed to be.
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Thanks for taking the time to comment, however this troubleshoot was unsuccessful. Any other ideas?

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The effect you are describing can also happen if no Passage has been selected as the Start Story Here passage, such a passage should have a "green circle containing a white Rocketship" in top left corner.

You can access this setting by placing the mouse cursor over the relevant Passage so that the context menu will appear, select the ... option to open the sub-menu and then select the Start Story Here option.