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I got my Character Creation page done a while ago, but i am still not happy with it.

In my Character Creation passage:

[[Skin Color]]: $SkinColor
[[BodyType]]: $BodyType
[[Body Height]]: $BodyHeight
[[Hair Color]]: $HairColor
[[Hair Length]]: $HairLength
[[GeneralAppearance]]: $Appearance
[[Age]]: $Age
[[Name]]: $name

and every time people click on the links inside the Character Chreation passage, they are forwarded correctly but also return to that Character Creation passage after having made their choice.

So if someone click the Hair Color link, they end inside Hair Color passage where they choose something and then the page returns them to Character Character passage. I don't want people to be able to repeatedly visit Hair Color ... they should choose and then the link should be blank ...unclickable (as one choice) or else make them start at Character Creation and lead them from there to Age, to Body Type, To Hair Color and so on...

I tried:

<<if visited("Character Creation")>>
<<goto "Age">

I hoped if putting that to the respective passages it would be like guiding them from one passage to the other... but it is wrong...

Does somebody know a solution that I can try out?

I am almost sure, I am thinking about this in a too complicated way... *sweatdrop*

Thanks a lot ;)

Mr. Peppermint

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Try something like the following:

<<if hasVisited("Skin Color")>>Skin Color<<else>>[[Skin Color]]<</if>>: $SkinColor


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Perfect, that's exactly what I wanted. Thanks a lot ;)


Mr. Peppermint