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I'm trying to make a series of multiple selectable choices, but after a certain choice made by the user, the next choice needs to be the same regardless of the answer of the previous choice. (Do I need more than just HTML?) The next choices can't be visible when making the previous, but needs to be added under it.

I basically want the same choices to show up without having to type the second choice twice, the thirth choice 4 times, the fourth choice 8 times etc.

(I know just making a passage for each choice will easily solve my problem, but being to do it in one passage is preferable to me.)

What I already have. A problem is under "Choice 1" for example.

<span id="Answer"><<print $answer>>
<<click "[Choice1 A]">><<replace "#Answer">>

*Right here I would like Choice 2 to show up.*

<<click "[Choice1 B]">><<replace "#Answer">>
	<span id="Answer2"><<print $answer2>>
	<<click "[Choice2 A]">><<replace "#Answer2">>
	<<click "[Choice2 B]">><<replace "#Answer2">>
		<span id="Answer3"><<print $answer3>>
		<<click "[Choice3 A]">><<replace "#Answer3">>
		<<click "[Choice3 B]">><<replace "#Answer3">>
			[[next passage]]


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I'm not entirely sure what you want. Can you try explaining it in more detail?

You can use <<linkreplace>> to have a single link execute some code and be replaced with another link without having to transition to another passage, You can do the same by combining a simple <<link>> with <<replace>> as you are already doing in your code (you shouldn't use <<click>> just use <<link>> instead).

If you want the user to be able to see previous choices instead of replacing them, you can use <<linkappend>> instead.

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Thank you. I want to have multiple 'linkreplace' in the same passage. But the ones after can't appear unless the previous link has been clicked on.

Edit: Also, linkreplace doesn't seem to work with multiple options where one choice dissapears when clicking the other. (Or at least I don't know how.)
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<<linkreplace>> only replaces the link itself. For what you describe you might work with a <<switch>> statement and just reload the passage. With the following in your StoryInit:

<<set $answer to "Initial Statement">>
<<set $counter to 0>>

You could have the passage like this:

<<switch $counter>>

<<case 0>>
<<link [[Choice 1A|passage() ]]>>
	<<set $counter++>>
	<<set $answer to "Answer1A">>
<<link [[Choice 1B|passage() ]]>>
	<<set $counter++>>
	<<set $answer to "Answer1B">>

<<case 1>>
<<link [[Choice 2A|passage() ]]>>
	<<set $counter++>>
	<<set $answer to "Answer2A">>
<<link [[Choice 2B|passage() ]]>>
	<<set $counter++>>
	<<set $answer to "Answer2B">>

<<case 2>>
<<link [[Choice 3A|passage() ]]>>
	<<set $answer to "Answer3A">>
[[Choice 3B|NextPassage]]



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This works great. I just needed to add an if-statement for text.
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