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I am working on a combat system with multiple opponents. In order to create a "turn based" system in which each combtant takes their turn, I have established an array with all of the applicable characters involved. That would be, for example:

(set:$group to (a:$hero,$opp1,$opp2,$opp3))

In which the elements are datamaps that contain information like hit points (HP), weapon damage, and other values that are involved with the combat math.

What I want to do, through combat is remove one of the items from that array when that item's HP is at or below zero. The code I have is currently: 

(if:$opp1's hp is <=0)[(set:$group to it - (a:$opp1))]

The idea being that as the rounds continue, $opp1 would be removed from the sequence and their turn skipped until all enemies are killed.

However, when I "kill" an opponent--$opp1-- the array $group retains $opp1 and shuffles them through the sequence of combat.

Here is a truncated version of the code I am using...

<!-Combat Init-!>
(set:$turn to 1)
(set:$group to (a:$hero,$opp1,$opp2,$opp3))
(set:$attacker to $group's ($turn))

<!-Combat Screen-!>
(link:'Attack')[(set:$target to $opp1)(goto:'Combat Roll')]
(link:'Attack')[(set:$target to $opp2)(goto:'Combat Roll')]
(link:'Attack')[(set:$target to $opp3)(goto:'Combat Roll')]

<!-Combat Roll-!>
(set:$attroll to (random:1,20))
(set:$attrolltot to $attroll + $attacker's weapon's bonus)

(if:$attrolltot is >=$target's body)[
(if:$target is $opp1)[(set:$opp1's hp to it - $attacker's weapon's dam)
(if:$opp1's hp is <1)[(set:$group to it - (a:$opp1))]]

(if:$target is $opp2)[(set:$opp2's hp to it - $attacker's weapon's dam)
(if:$opp2's hp is <1)[(set:$group to it - (a:$opp2))]]

(if:$target is $opp3)[(set:$opp3's hp to it - $attacker's weapon's dam)
(if:$opp3's hp is <1)[(set:$group to it - (a:$opp3))]]

(if:$target is $hero)[(set:$hero's hp to it - $attacker's weapon's dam)]

(set:$turn to it + 1)(if:$turn is > $group's length)[(set:$turn to 1)]
(set:$attacker to $group's ($turn))

(goto:'Combat Screen')

Is this method possible to have a turn-based sequence for combat? Is there a better way to do sequencing for multiple combatants than to use arrays?



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I don't understand the question. Does this code not work or are you looking for a better solution?
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It did not work, I apologize for the confusion. I will modify my query accordingly with additional code.

When I "kill" the opponent, the array $group contains all of the previous datamaps/variables/items.

If there is a better solution, I am all ears.
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