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Is there a place where one can/should discuss beta testing Twine 2.3.0?

I wanted to report that it seems to be working well for me, but that kind of report seems inappropriate for the "issues" section of the source-code service.

Would it be appropriate to start a thread in intfiction.org's Technical Development category at https://intfiction.org/c/technical-development ?


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Generally speaking, "It's working," isn't really something that needs to be reported.  If you want to be nice, I guess you could tweet a shout-out to the main author:


For anyone else interested, currently the Twine 2.3.0 beta 2 download can be found here:

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When beta-testng software, it's just as important to know what environments it's working in as it is to know what ones are causing failures.

Also, it can be quite depressing for a software author to never get any positive feedback and always get only negative feedback.

Similarly, for beta testers, it's useful when tracking down bugs to know what features are known to work.

The report that I'm planning to provide contains much more information than just "it works." Providing more than that simple example didn't seem appropriate while composing my question.
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Well, I notified klembot (Chris Klimas) of your question here, so hopefully he'll let you know.
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Thanks! I appreciate that.
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