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So, I wanted to do this:

@@.cheatsItemB;<<cyclinglink "$cycOrientation" "unset" "het" "gay" "bi">>@@@@<br><br>\

But all that results in is:


So, I tried the exact same idea like so:

<span class="cheatsBlock">@@.cheatsItemA;orientation@@\
@@.cheatsItemB;<<cyclinglink "$cycOrientation" "unset" "het" "gay" "bi">>@@</span><br><br>\

And I get the result I was looking for.


So... why is this? Am I not really supposed to try @@;'s within other @@;'s?

I do like using the custom styling markups, but is embedding something better avoided? Or is this just a bad case for it or something?

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The custom styles markup does not support nesting (meaning, you cannot place one inside of another).
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Fair enough. Good to know.
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