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Hello guys. So I have an idea for a twine game but I am not a writer let alone a good one, so I would like to find people who could help me develop it. The code side of things is mostly covered because I'm a programmer (or studying to become one at least!).

It's a drama-heavy story and the idea is as follows: There's a rich family in a small village that has a secret that could cause a huge public scandal. Someone (a police officer, a servant in the house, a 'friend'...) finds out this secret but is killed before he can tell. He did tell the sheriff in town, however, weeks before he died, that he was investigating the family because he had suspicions (but needed proof of such an unbelievable theory). Now that person is dead and it has been apparently confirmed an accidental/natural death or suicide, whatever. No one will investigate the death, and the family believes that their secret is safe; they don't know that the sheriff was told something (and actually, the priest is the only one who knows the secret but he won't tell).

But this is where you come into play. The sheriff, for whatever reason (revenge, personal vendetta against the family...), wants to find out the family's secret and ruin them, but he knows that there's no way that the family will trust him to tell him anything. That family is generally unfriendly and secretive, and very powerful. If they find out he suspects anything and is trying to make it public, he'd get killed (as it's already happened). So the sheriff thinks of you, a 20-year-old officer recently out of academia who's not from town, someone young who seems trusting and could gain that family's trust by befriending / protecting the family.

So you get to know them, you protect them from criminals, you witness their relationship dynamics, etc. until you will eventually see / hear / be told the family's secret (it will be in multiple ways, depending on the player's actions and relationships). But here's the thing: the family's secret, whether the player personally considers it 'bad' or not, could mean death for some of the family members (kids included) if made public. So the player will have to make a decision once he finds out: A) Protect the family, going against the sheriff's orders (and all consequences that follow), or B) do justice and make the secret public and have those family members killed (but you'll have to be careful or you'll end up dead before you can do so). If chosen A), the idea is that the player character will eventually become part of the family because he's a loner and has no family of his own but he'll feel cared for by them. The player may even choose to make his character and the oldest son (17) lovers.

I plan on making this a long story obviously, with multiple chapters and maybe even some graphics if I ever find an artist willing to, so that's why I'm asking for writing help. I'm sure this story could be fun (fun for the drama! lol) so please anyone interested PM me. 

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First of all you'd be better finding a narrative discord, secondly if you know the story it's best for you to write it yourself, it's rare to find someone who wants to write another person's story without money involved.

The more you practice writing the better you'll get at it, like with programming, you can find people around to give you constructive feedback as well.