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I have trouble with opening my files for Twine 1.4.2. I receive a notification telling me that there is an error opening the file.

Twine Error Traceback (most recent call last)
File "app.py", line 103,in  open
File "pickle.pyo", line 1378, in load
File "pickle.pyo", line 858, in load
KeyError: '\x00'

Can someone help me trying to open the file or retrieve the text? It isn't important if I get the story itself but just the text. I have had several files with this issue occur. Any help is appreciated.

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Hey Steve.  Might be best to submit a bug report for this.


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As explained in the following two links found on the Old Forums Archive (link in sidebar), that error generally indicates there is a possible corruption in your story project TWS file.

An error occurred while opening your game
Error: story won't open

The articles list some possible solutions, including restoring from either a backup (**) or a generated Story HTML file.

(**) You are creating regular backups of your story project I hope, it is a practice all developers should follow. 

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