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Not sure how to start on this.. can I get some guidance please?

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I'm sorry, are you asking for help with the content or the coding bits? For the former, I suggest general writing communities. For the latter, getting started in Twine can be intimidating as there's a lot going on. I suggest getting a handle on what a story format is and what it does (hint: it's the engine part) and trying them all out to see which one strikes you. The cookbook can help with getting a handle on things. Then just start working on your idea, and feel free to let us know if you have specific, answerable questions when you have them.

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For creating a game you can only use Twine for what is called story boarding or the creation of the narrative for a game.

The easiest and fastest way to create a game is by modifying an existing game. Minecraft is a favorite and easy to learn; Sid Meier’s Civilization is very welcoming of mods (their official name) and will have some built in characters and environments you can use.
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