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I was doing a little bit of late-night working on a twine 2 game of mine (Not the browser version, my files are all saved in my documents) and solved a great amount of issues that troubled me greatly and took a break around 4 AM on the 18th this morning to get other things done. Later on today I opened up the file and was horrified to discover that Twine's autosaves had apparently failed me, and the last iteration of my game was saved at noon on the 17th despite me closing and resuming sessions in between now and then. Redoing a massive amount of work isn't something I'd like to be doing and I'd like to be back where I was as soon as possible to keep the ball rolling at least somewhat, so I did some digging and found a few files with dates and times that looked promising.

In C:>Users>(username)>AppData>Local>Twine>User Data>Default>Session Storage, I found 000040.ldb, 000042.ldb, 000044.ldb, 000045.ldb, and 000046.ldb, respectively from 3:04 AM 18th, 3:13 AM 18th, 3:37 AM 18th, ~12:00 PM 17th, and 4:12 PM 18th. I don't know for sure what the heck these files actually do but I've got my hopes up that I can find a way to get my lost progress back. For some reason, twine seems to only want to recover 000045.ldb, which is the file from the 17th, and I've been at it for a little while trying to see if I can get it to recover 000044.ldb or 000046.ldb instead, or replace the contents of 000045.ldb with either of those two. No luck so far. So I suppose my question is twofold:

1: Is it possible to restore my lost progress with these files?

2: If so, how can I do that?

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Damn, a question all the way from January...


Welp, pretty sure you have things settled now, but let's put this sucker to rest.


If it won't recover the file, then that's just how it is...