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I've finished my first story! However, I can't seem to figure out how to publish it so that others can play it, too. How do I publish it, and how will readers download it to read it?

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When editing your story in Twine, click the story title at the bottom left and select "Publish To File". Save the story somewhere on your file system (other than in the story folder of Twine). It will create a new .html file which can be placed on a website where anyone can play it, assuming you link to where it's stored on the web server. If you need a free website, a great place is CloudAccess. I've never done the following, but there are sites where you can share your story with communities, such as TextAdventures.

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Can one earn money by selling the interactive story?
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You won't make any money by using a website to host the story on, but there's probably some method you could use? Maybe start a blog, and if ppl want to play it get them to send the cash then email it to them?
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I'm having the same problem. I did what you said to do and got a file published, but it comes up as a local file, which I can't share with anybody. The only way to access my file is through my physical computer.
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In the bottom left of the twine editor, there should be the name of your project with a little arrow next to it that points up. If you click there it will give you a menu, in which you can publish your story to an HTML file. From there you can either send it directly to people to open up on their computer or host it somewhere. A free website that hosts Twine Stories is philome.la. All it requires is a twitter account!

Here's an image that shows where the menu is!

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I would suggest you to start a blog, its a very effective way to find readers, and do see: Tips for starting a blog.