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Is it possible to disable the fade in/fade out sequence so that passages load instantly? I noticed some other twine games have this, does anybody know the JavaScript/CSS required for it?

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EDIT: It looks like TME finished writing before I did.

If you look at the content of the core-passage.css file referenced in the story format's CSS documentation you will see that two CSS rules named: .passage and .passage-in.

The first is applied to the Passage area and assigns an opacity related transition effect, the second is used within the process that handles moving from one passage to another. (eg the 'fade-in' effect).

You can use CSS like the following within your Story Stylesheet area to remove the passage's transition effect.

.passage {
	transition-property: none;

note: there will still be a very slight delay even after removing the CSS based transition effect.

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To disable the passage navigation fade in—there is no fade out by default—put something like the following into your stylesheet:

.passage {
	transition: none;


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