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SugarCube – v2.23.4

While I could solve the problem with this code in the script passage

Config.passages.start = "Start";

The build version show the Debug Mode.


How did that happen? Is it because I had attempted to port my story in Twine 2, failed pretty hard, then I uninstalled Twine 2 afterward? I did remove the appdata too.

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I downloaded the Twine 1 release of SugarCube v2.23.4 then tested it in a new Story Project and received the same 'Starting passage ("") not found' error. It appears the issue is in that release of SUgarCube 2.x and not your project.

I suggest you create a new issue on the story format's repository so that it's developer learns about the issue and can then fix it.

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The issue is already known.  An update to one of the components of SugarCube's build system—specifically UglifyJS—caused the issue.  A workaround has been implemented, but not yet released.  It will be in next release, which should be soonish.

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Thank you for the information.
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Thanks. In the meantime, I can still work with this...

Config.passages.start = "Start";

...but how to hide the new debug window, at the bottom of the screen? It still shows up even after the story in build. 

If it's not possible, where can I get a previous version of SugarCube? I'm on a Steam app update (with new translations) and I cannot wait for too long. indecision  

EDIT: Found out how. With this: 

Config.debug = false;


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