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Hi, I was wondering if there was a mobile app for twine on IOS.

If there is not, is it against any laws if one was created by the community and distributed for free?

I know iOS isn’t the best for game development but I would definitely use it for projects on the go.

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There's no app, but as long as you're using a tablet and probably a plug-in keyboard, you should be able to use the online version of twine 2. There's a downloadable OSX version http://twinery.org/

 I managed to sorta use it on a phone (android), but it needs a bigger screen.

It's open source so you can make an app if you want, but it costs £100 last time I checked to put an app in the app store, which includes a bunch of testing. So go ahead if you want.
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Thanks for the info,

My idea was for it to be  all in one app so no need for internet access.

My idea if I end up making it is that it would have all of the information required to make a game (macros, links variables) as well so that in a scenario where you don’t have internet and you forget how to do something you can get the info from the app.
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...it would have all of the information required to make a game

There are currently not offline versions of either the Twine 2 documentation or that of the Story Formats themselves. So you will need to create (and keep them updated) yourself.

You will also need to consider how you plan to handle the updating of the Story Formats (which are generally updated more often that the GUI application is) because Apple requires both the initial build of the application as well as all updates of it to be first checked by them before they allow you to release it.