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Is there a guide anywhere describing how Twine 2 handles story formats? I'm thinking about making my own.

I found the Sugarcube 2 source code but it's too frustrating to wade through, especially since it is separated into about thirty different documents and the comments are a bit redundant, like:

// Normalize the document.

// Load the story data

I want to start with a bare minimum framework for a story format (no scripting, just passage links and css) and work from there.

Any suggestions?

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The simple answer is: No

And there are only a few threads on the old forum (semi) related to the subject, the one with the most detail is:
Color Synthax HighLight to Custom Story Format

I would suggest looking at the Snowman 2 source code repository, I believe it is the simplest (structurally and code-wise) story format. It has passage links and basic CSS but no custom macro language to speak of, although it does allow the calling of Javascript via the Underscore template library.

You could also try contacting the developers of any of the story formats listed within the Story Formats section of the Twine Wiki's main page.

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Thank you. That's actually very helpful!