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I want to use the prompt set and use the input to change to path. EG; 'do you feel brave enough?' and the player could type an answer like yes or no. But i want to check if the players types in yes, it would trigger an event, same with no.

i tried:

(set: $brave to (prompt: "yes or no","no")

(if: $brave is yes) [you're very brave]
(if: $brave is no) [you aren't very brave]

(as an example given)


Is this even possible or?

I'm using Harlowe 2.1.0 btw

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The (prompt:) macro returns a String value, which means you need to use String values in your checks like so.

(set: $brave to (prompt: "yes or no", "no"))

(if: $brave is "yes")[you're very brave]
(else-if: $brave is "no")[you aren't very brave]
(else:)[You didn't enter either ''yes'' or ''no'' using lower case letters]

notes: there were some syntax and logic issues with your example:
1. Your (set:) macro call was missing the trailing close parenthesis.
2. You had a space character between your (if:) macros and their associated hooks.
3. Your second (if:) macro should be an (else-if:) macro because the conditional expressions of your two (if:) macros are related and only one of them can be true at any one time. (mutually exclusive)
4. Your logic isn't handling the situation where the end-user enters a value other than a lower case yes or no, and end-users can be tricky that way.