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Hello people!

Using SugarCube 2.21, how do you fade out audio and then stop it in the same passage?

I could stop it in a separate passage, but it would be far more convenient and save a lot of time to stop it in the same passage, and I may encounter a situation where I could not stop it in a separate passage.

Thank you!

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I even made a whole widget for this. It looks like this:

<<widget "fadestop">>
  <!-- usage: <<fadestop "some_track">> or <<fadestop "some_track" 2>> -->
  <<set _fadeStopDuration = $args[1] || 3>>
  <<audio $args[0] fadeoverto _fadeStopDuration 0>>
  <<timed `_fadeStopDuration + 's'`>>
    <<audio $args[0] stop>>

The trick is to use <<timed>> macro to perform delayed action.

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Thank you; I was unable to get on earlier. Now, the macro library says timed functions are canceled when you go to another passage, so it would be a gamble whether it would work or not.

The main reason I wanted this at the moment was so that an audio track could be started at full volume, whereas if you had gone through a passage which had it fade out, it only continues to play silently. I wanted to combine either stop with fade out, or combine fade in with loop play. I found that I can actually do the latter, so I am good for now, but still would like to know the former for knowledge's sake.
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My bad, I haven't noticed that in docs.

No problem, we'll just do it more low-level way:

<<widget "fadestop">>
  <!-- usage: <<fadestop "some_track">> or <<fadestop "some_track" 2>> -->
  <<set _fadeStopDuration = $args[1] || 3>>
  <<audio $args[0] fadeoverto _fadeStopDuration 0>>
    setTimeout(function () { 
        $.wiki('<<audio $args[0] stop>>') 
      _fadeStopDuration * 1000

I haven't tested it, but the idea is to use javascript setTimeout, which works across passage transitions, and $.wiki which allows you to run any SugarCrube code from pure javascript.

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