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Hi, I'm fairly new to Twine so this question may be very simple to answer. I have a passage that has one link currently available to be clicked on. However, there will be 5 links available on this same passage once the story has progressed. How would I make it so as the player reaches certain points in the game, those links will become available if they were to return back to that original passage?

For example:

Passage 1: My name is [[Gregg]] (immediately clickable). I do not like [[knives]] (not available until the player reaches a certain passage later on in game).


later on in game...


Passage 5: And that is the story as to why Gregg did not like knives. [[Go back->Passage 1]]

Passage 1: My name is [[Gregg]] (still clickable). I do not like [[knives]] (available to click on now that the player has read passage 5).

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Create a variable in your startup passage:

(set: $knives to false)

Have this variable change to true in passage 5:

(set: $knives to true)

In passage 1 check if the player has visited the right passages using an if statement:

(if: $knives)[I do not like [[knives]].]

Now this sentence will only be shown if the variable $knives is true and it will only be set to true if the player visits the right passage.