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I've download the offline version for OS X and when I first used it was working fine. But know every time I open it, it shows a white window which soon becomes gray and crashes immediately.

I've already tried to re-download and deinstall the software but it still the same. I'm sending copy paste of the message it shows me.

sasayaku:~ SAAR$ /Users/saar/Downloads/Twine.app/Contents/MacOS/nwjs ; exit;

[1284:775:0908/231138.143756:ERROR:child_thread_impl.cc(762)] Request for unknown Channel-associated interface: ui::mojom::GpuMain

[1286:12803:0908/231147.843949:ERROR:channel.cc(507)] Invalid message size: 502894640


Saving session...

...copying shared history...

...saving history...truncating history files...


Deleting expired sessions...none found.

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Are you on the latest version?
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This is an error on some systems that seems to come from Chromium's GPU acceleration, based on a Google search I just did. While its possible to disable the GPU acceleration of Chrome and Chromium, I don't believe you can access the settings needed to do this in the Twine application (which is built in NW.js, which uses Chromium as a shell). 

The only fix I can think of is to use the web version. I'd you'd prefer to be able to access Twine offline, you can download the web version to your hard drive and launch the html file in a browser of your choice. You can find the releases on the repo's downloads page; web versions are the ones that don't include an OS in the file name. For example, the very first one on the list is the most recent web version, you can download it, extract it, and run it from your hard drive in most modern web browsers. 

As to a fix for this issue for the long run, since its coming from one of Twine's dependencies and not from Twine itself, it's probably out of the devs' hands for right now. 

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