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Hi everyone,

I've been trying to indent my paragraphs with <p> tags, and while I succeeded in doing so, now I have a new problem. When I play my story, there's a pretty big space betwwen my <p> tagged paragraphs.

I tried defining margin and padding as 0 in the CSS sheet, but it didn't work.

Any help will be thanked a lot!

PD: also, paragraphs not tagged with <p> appear with variable spaces between them when played on Mozilla, but that may be a problem specific to that browser.

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Are you using markup to escape the line-breaks between your paragraphs? If not then they can cause unwanted spacing between them.

<p>Contents of the first paragraph...</p>\
<p>Contents of the second paragraph...</p>\
<p>Contents of the third paragraph...</p>

By default a HTML Paragraph element has a top and bottom margin, you can use the CSS within your story's Story Stylesheet area to change the default values of the related margin-top property and margin-bottom property like so.

p {
    margin-top: 0;
	margin-bottom: 0;


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That worked perfectly. I didn't know about line breaks in Harlowe, and I thought that setting a general margin to 0 would be enough.

Thank you so much for your help! That was driving me crazy.
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Hi there,

completely new to Twine and having the same issue. I working with standard setup (Harlowe I guess) and can't get any stylesheets to work.

As far as I understand, I just have to create a new passage and tag it "stylesheet" to be applied globally. Can't even change the background when I copy&paste the examples.

Only way I found to configure stuff was with a passage tagged "header" and then some weird harlowe code. (enchant and stuff)

Now I want to do the same as the OP, but I don't find a way to it in Harlowe speak and as I said, stylesheets are not recognized.

Any suggestions appreciated.