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I downloaded 2.1.3 for 64-but Linux, but now I have no idea what to do? The Getting Started guide said to open the file that's just called "Twine", but when I do this, I'm told "There is no application installed for "shared library" files." So, what do I do?

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Did you install the 32bit version or the 64? On twinery.org, "Linux" links to the 64 bit version, with ( 32-bit) linking to the other. (The download button should also link to the 64 bit version, if your browser is identifying itself properly.)  The main thing is to make sure you have the right one. That's assuming you're running 64 bit, of course. The archive should be:


Then unzip it somewhere and run the Twine binary in the new location.

If you run it from console, the output should be more informative on which libraries it is looking for.

I'm on ubutu  16.10 yakkety and had no problem running it, but I also have a lot of development headers and libraries installed.

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I definitely have the 64-bit version.

run the Twine binary

I have no idea how to do this. The last time I used Twine it was 2.0.3 and it had an index.html file.

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There is a downloadable web-browser base release of the latest version of Twine 2 that you can run locally if you prefer to do it that way, it is the release that contains a "index.html" file.

These releases can be downloaded from the Twine 2 project's Download page, and they are the ZIP archive files that do not include an operating system alias in their file names.

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Thank you, it works perfectly.
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Just open a terminal, go to the twine folder, type in:


The uppercase T is important.