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I'm trying to get a tooltip when I hover the mouse over a button or link, but would prefer to keep it in Twine code or HTML without going involving CSS or Javascript. Is there a way to do this? There's an existing system for images with [img[Tooltip|image]]. Does a similar one exist for other code?

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You can just put a "span" around the link and set the "title" attribute to whatever you want the hover text to be, like this:

<span title="Hover text">[[test]]</span>

That should do the trick for most things.

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That works perfectly. Thanks so much.
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You can also use HTML Attributes to do the same with a HTML anchor element, however this will cause the related Passage Connection Arrow to disappear on the Passage Map if you are using one of the Twine (1.x or 2.x) applications.

<a data-passage="test" title="Hover text">Test</a>


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