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Hello, I would like to modify a variable name within a replace command's hook. I'm not sure how to describe it, I think if i knew how to even describe the problem I could solve it, but here is what I have so far as an example:

(set: $a1 to "Hello")
(set: $a2 to "How are you?")
(set: $a3 to "Won't you talk to me?")
(set: $counter to 1)
(link-repeat: "Continue")[
(set: $counter to it + 1)(replace: ?speech)[$a$counter]

For this, only two lines would ever be displayed "$a1 and the continue link", which when clicked replaces those two lines with "$a2 and another continue link". it is trying to simulate the conversation system in use on many other games/rpgs.



/\ for my example, i get this to display initially, which is good. but when i click Continue, what displays is:


Ity evaluates $a$counter as 02. what i would like to happen is for (replace: ?speech)[$a$counter] to evaluate as "$a2" which would display that string's contents "How are you?".

I don't know how to do this though. i tried using parentheses in all different places:


i thought maybe it was the replace command limitation so i tried setting the evaluation to a string variable, and then having the replace: use that variable, but it's the same


all help appreciated as always,


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Use arrays. This is exactly what they're designed for. 

(set: $a to (a: "Hello", "How are you?", "Won't you talk to me?"))\
(set: $counter to 1)\
|speech>[(print: $a's 1st)]

(link-repeat: "Continue")[
    (if: $counter < 3)[
        (set: $counter to it + 1)
        (goto: 'next passage')
    (replace: ?speech)[
        (print: $a's ($counter))

Trying to use numbered variables is essentially just recreating the wheel. It is possible, but pointless. 

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oh man that's genius! i don't think i'd be able to understand arrays if not for this. thanks for baby feeding me.

also i was able to understand the function of { and } from your post, double thank you
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