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(if: $inv contains ("Stick") and ("Stone"))[passage1]

(if: $history contains ("KilledOgre")[passage2]

(if: $inv contains ("Apple")[passage3]


Let's say you have stick and stone in your $inv.

But you did not "KilledOgre".

However, you also have an ("Apple") in your $inv.


You will get:





I want it to be



I assume the enter is there because passage2 is hidden between there, but I wish it to be not there at all unless you have ("killedogre"). Instead the next passage that is available should simply take it's place.

I have yet to find a way to be able to do this. It would make a ton of things easier in my game. I know ways around it by creating more passages but things would get really complicated if I wish to work out my idea as is.


Does anyone have a method for this?

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You could try the following:

(if: $inv contains ("Stick") and ("Stone"))[passage1<br>]
(if: $history contains ("KilledOgre"))[passage2<br>]
(if: $inv contains ("Apple"))[passage3<br>]

Which uses the collapsing whitespace markup to turn the hard line breaks into simple spaces.  Each hook ends in a <br> element to add a line break back in where you want them.

NOTE: Be careful, the latter two (if:) macros in your example were each missing one of their parenthesis.

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Thank you that works!

I went through the documentation so many times don't know how I missed this.
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That works, or you could:

(if: $inv contains ("Stick") and ("Stone"))[passage1
](if: $history contains ("KilledOgre"))[passage2
](if: $inv contains ("Apple"))[passage3

this makes there only be a line break inside a hook, so if the if: statements are false, then it doesn't have a break.

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