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Sorry for this question, I'm rather new to Twine, but how do I make certain choices unavailable if a player has not met a certain criteria? For example, my game has a stat called $mana, which is needed to cast spells. But I don't know how to stop the player from choosing to use spells when they don't have the mana to do it. Like is there any way to hide the choice, or disallow them from choosing it?  Thanks in advance!

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You can use the (if:) related macros to check the current value of the variable to determine if a link should be shown or not.

eg. Assuming you only want to show the Fireball link if the $mana variable's value is 10 or greater.

(if: $mana >= 10)[
	(link: "Cast Fireball")[]


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Oh I see. Thanks so much for the advice! smiley

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If you are new to twine, watch youtube vids and check this out: