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This platform, after being able to successfully use it for a decent amount of months, has began to show an error message that "This app can't run on your PC". I'm concerned how I can fix this, or if it's possible to retrieve the code within each passage from my saved files? I'm trying not to lose my work, so any tips to approaching this would be great! Thank you!

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I am going to assume you are using one of the download and install releases of the Twine 2 application.

What operating system (brand and version) are you using?
Knowing this helps us determine the possible location that your story projects files are stored, as well as how to possible refresh the Twine 2 application's data cache so that the application may restart for you.
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I'm using Windows 10 Home HP Edition Laptop

64-Bit if that helps!
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Hey I would appreciate a followed up answer. Still unable to access twine and retrieve my data. Thanks.
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Somewhere there is a folder with all of your twine files and code.

If you have any code you published to file you can retrieve it by opening it in a browser then enabling developer options to inspect and change the code.

If I am correct the downloaded version on twine uses jw.js so using a virtual machine running macOS (My preference for what you're doing) to move the files into a newer version of nw.js .


If this helps you're welcome.